Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some Definitions (Opinions) about Street Talk

This is good or bad, classy or slutty, makes you smart or look like an idiot.

Everyone has an opinion.

One opinion in Urban Dictionary is

Street Talk = Idiotspeak

(n.) the language used by people who cannot type quickly and efficiently (or properly, for that matter) and therefore resort to making fools out of themselves.


ogmz i sed yes of cors!
ur so hott
ya tel me wat ahppnd

omg i wuz lyke tlkn 2 u

i kno rite
One person's hip is another person's idiot.

Be careful where, when, how and why you use street talk, slang, idioms and expressions.

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ILSC_EtJ said...

Absolutely right.

People have their opinions and are entitled to them.

However, the most important point is context.

"Hey, blud! Sup, yo?"
is just as valid as...
"Good afternoon, Sir. I am pleased to make your acquaintance."
but you should probably not use the former in a business meeting with a potential client or at most job interviews, whereas the latter is far too stuffy in less formal situations.

When you learn words and phrases in English (as in any other language), it is important to know the effect in context, as well as how offensive it may be to those being addressed or even overhearing it!