Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free Internet Phone Workshop in Toronto

FREE Internet Phone Workshop in Toronto

What is an Internet Phone?

In the simplest terms an internet phone plugs into your internet connection and it works at any time - just like a regular phone! An internet phone uses a different transmission configuration and different set up and operation but very simply it is a phone.

Can I use my regular home phone number?

95% of the time - Yes you can.

Can my friends call me on their regular phone or do they need a computer?

Your friends and family can call from their regular phone just like they always do.

Will you explain the 4 or 5 different types of internet phones?

Yes - we can explain how they work and the benefits/shortcomings of the different types.

Can my unlimited internet phone bill really be from 5 to 10 dollars each month?

Yes - we can explain how the prices and service plans work.

Is this workshop really free?

Yes - we are asking potential internet phone users to ask us questions to make sure our
ebook and information services cover everything.

Do I have to buy anything?

No - if you want the FREE TLC list of resources - we will make them available.

How do I register?

We have limited space in the college - please email (ross) at (eslincanada) dot (com)for your registration number, the address and time in Toronto.

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