Thursday, November 20, 2008

Toronto Real Elite Basketball League

Real Elite Basketball League - REBL is Looking for players around the GTA to join Toronto's newest basketball League.

Join the REBL players list in order to be contacted for an opportunity to join one of our teams. We recruit players individually!! If you have a team then let us know.

REBL is a new men's basketball league. We will give basketball players an opportunity to play at an elite level and showcase their talents. REBL offers the best of everything; a professional basketball court, the best players available and qualified officials who create a fun competitive environment. As an elite team, 14K GOLD RINGS are awarded for a consecutive playoff championship win.

We select every player and we build all teams. We do our best to ensure that each team has at least 2 qualified players for every position. We recognize each player individually and document their statistics at courtside and post them online.

As the game of basketball continues to prosper, REBL is determined to grow with its players and offer new opportunities. Each season competition increases as players use our anonymous voting out system and replace voted out player(s) with a draft pick. This ensures the league stays competitive and gives teams the chance to improve. Go to:

All you need is your name and email and REBL will follow up with you.

Real Elite Basketball League
Toronto Ontario, Canada


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